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Why wait to buy the Security solution you know you need when you can lease it today through Linc Secure


In today’s rapidly changing business environment keeping your Security systems fit for purpose, reliable and up to date can tie up valuable working capital.  Linc Secure offers a cost-effective and flexible answer to this problem – Leasing.

Leasing your Security equipment, including Alarm systems, CCTV, Access Control, Lighting and Intercoms offers:

ü     A simple fixed payment rather than a large cash outlay

ü     You pay nothing until your equipment is delivered

ü     No strain on your existing credit facilities

ü     Terms available to suit your budget

ü     You can include, hardware, software, training and maintenance in one fixed payment

ü     The flexibility to upgrade or add equipment in the future

ü     No deposits necessary

The benefits for your business are

  • 100% Financing We can fully finance your security systems, including design, installation, project management and maintenance.

  • Tax Savings When you lease, you can write off 100% of the repayments as an operating expense, saving you up to 30% of the total capital cost.       

  • Avoiding Obsolescence Leasing offers the opportunity to upgrade enabling you to stay up-to-date with the latest technology.     

  • Protection of Credit Leasing is an additional source of credit, allowing you to safeguard your existing credit facilities to meet the normal demands of your day-to-day business.     

  • Improved Cashflow Low monthly payments spread the cost and simplify cashflow planning.

  • Protection of the Balance Sheet An operating lease provides off balance sheet finance, reducing the level of company debt and improving financial performance ratios.     

  • Accelerating Return on Investment Leasing eliminates the need for up front capital, helping your company to grow more quickly.


By financing with a lease rather than an outright purchase you can claim 100% tax allowances on the full amount paid, instead of as little as 25% with outright purchase on a diminishing basis.

For more information or a quotation please contact Linc Secure – and work the smarter way.

 Tel: 0845 123 2599

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